Our Mission is to rewrite the model of what's possible to drive life forward

Technology and biology are coming together to amplify each other in profound ways.

We work on the ground level to galvanize the industry around this fast-growing field and form long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs inventing the future.

We are not just capital allocators, but company builders, scientists, and engineers.

Our philosophy is informed by our experience founding, building, and investing in successful biotech, hardware, and software platforms. We seek to mirror the founders who will define the next generation of the life sciences with native fluency across the continuum of chemistry, biology, software, machine learning, and automation.

Our approach is purpose-built for the sector.

Investing across platforms, software, and tools
Flexibility to invest across stages
Founder-centric partnership model
Fundamental research in science, technology, and markets
Long-term oriented to unlock compounding value of platforms
Global reach

Our team

Founder & Managing Partner
Founder & Managing Partner
Founder & Managing Partner
Operations Manager