We are thrilled to announce that Eric Dai has joined the investment team at Dimension! Since launching the firm earlier this year, we’ve been fortunate to interface with many talented researchers, investors, and practitioners working at the intersection of technology and the life sciences. When it comes to scaling Dimension, our ambition is to assemble a tight-knit, interdisciplinary, and high-velocity firm made up of exceptional individuals. Our approach to building out the team is simple: we do not follow hard set timelines or quotas, but instead are continually looking for individuals who particularly resonate with our ethos, values, and investment aesthetic. 

We felt that resonance with Eric early on and have gotten to know him over many conversations over many months. Today, Eric joins us as an Investor on the Dimension team and will have an expansive role in helping us identify, partner with, and support the very best founders building the next generation of life science. Eric was most recently an Analyst at a16z Bio+Health, covering companies working across therapeutics, diagnostics, tools, and infrastructure. Prior to his time in the venture ecosystem, Eric demonstrated a strong affinity for life science entrepreneurship, holding roles with incubators such as Petri Bio and organizations like BIOS Community, and organizing campus startup activities through Nucleate. Eric has a decade-long academic research background in life science through his Bachelor’s studies in Bioengineering at Washington University of St. Louis and PhD studies in Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania, from which he is on leave to commit to his career in investing. Similar to all of the founders at Dimension, Eric has an immigrant background – his family relocated in 1987 from Zhengzhou, China to Columbia, Missouri to earn their PhDs in Physics and pursue their American Dream. 

Through many conversations with the firm, Eric quickly impressed upon us an encyclopedic knowledge of the industry, a sharp analytical mindset, and a relentless drive to contribute. Beyond that, what struck us most was his true passion for the craft of investing and for the role that investors have to play to catalyze a generational change in life science. We’re excited to see how Eric translates that passion to the role at Dimension and know that he will be a great partner to the firm and our founders. 

Eric will be based out of the San Francisco office. Please follow him here, and drop him a line: eric [at] dimensioncap.com.

Nan Li
Founder & Managing Partner
Nan has a mixed technology, investing and entrepreneurial background and has been an active early stage venture investor for over a decade. He is interested in the application of cutting edge technologies including computer vision, AI/ML, NLP, robotics, and automation systems.
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